Moorebank’s Hookin2Hockey development program

Next Hookin2Hockey program commences: (Friday) 14 February 2014 5:30pm – 6:30pm at the club.

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Hookin2Hockey (Minkey) program FAQ

Is Hookin2Hockey for both boys and girls?

Yes. Our program is run for mixed groups.

Is there a minimum or maximum age that you have to be to take part?

Hookin2Hockey is targeted at primary school aged children approximately 5-10 years old.

What ability is Hookin2Hockey aimed at?

The Hookin2Hockey program has been developed in three stages for children of all abilities to enjoy.

Can parents have to participate?

Yes. Parents are welcome to participate in activities.

Is Hookin2Hockey safe?

YES! There are a number of things that make Hookin2Hockey a safe and fun program:

  • Activities are designed to allow participants to learn the basic skills of the game in a controlled environment
  • A special, lighter than normal, hockey ball is used
  • All participants wear shin guards and mouthguards
  • Leaders should not have more than 15 participants in their groups
  • Only one person is allowed to tackle another at one time

How much is it to participate in a Hookin2Hockey program?

The Hookin2Hockey program is FREE

Are there a maximum number of participants in a Hookin2Hockey program?

No – Additional Program Coordinators will be

What should I wear to Hookin2Hockey?

Comfortable sports clothing and sneakers. Studded shoes (boots) are not required on synthetic surfaces but they may be useful if the program is being played on a grass surface. Also remember to wear a hat and sunscreen if it is hot and/ or sunny.

What happens if it rains on the first session (or any session)?

If it is not going ahead, all pre-registered players will let participants/ parents know. Last minute updates can also be found via @moorebankhockey twitter feed. The program is flexible so that postponed sessions can be made up at other times.

What do I do if I can’t come to a Hookin2Hockey session?

Let your Program Coordinator know that you/your child won’t be coming and just come along to the next session.

What size stick should I order my child?

For a suggested guide to ensure your child has the correct stick size please see below.

Up to 130 30
130-137 32
137-15 34
155-160 36



If there is something missing (and there usually is, the web guy’s a bit slow) don’t hesitate to contact Hookin2Hockey Coordinator and they’ll sort you out.

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