Over 50’s Masters Championships

Hi All
This weekend we have the. Over 50’s Masters Championships at Moorebank commencing Friday morning 8.30am. Last game 7.30pm. Saturday 8.30 to 7.30pm.Sunday 8.30am to 1pm. We will also require some help on Thursday afternoon/ evening erecting tents and cleaning out Clubroom.
We need your help with the canteen BBQ etc and other duties.
We need volunteers to help out with various duties and all your help will be greatly appreciated.
We have started a roster to accommodate all the time slots required over the three days. I know most of you will be working on Friday but as it is school holidays some of our younger member’s of the club may be able to help out. Some of you may be requested to make your yummy slices as I’m sure even the Over 50’S gentlemen will enjoy a Mars bar slice after their hard fought games. Look forward to hearing from our club members and families in regards to helping out

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