2013 SHA Mens Finals


1st Grade

Premier League (1st Grade)
Olympic Sat, 07. Sep. 2013
18:15 Moorebank Liverpool v Gordon North Sydney

2nd Grade

Sydney Cup (2nd Grade)
Olympic Sat, 07. Sep. 2013
13:15 Moorebank Liverpool v Briars

3rd Grade

Sydney League 3 (3rd grade)
Pitch 2 Sat, 07. Sep. 2013
14:30 Glebe v Moorebank Liverpool

4th Grade

Sydney League 4 (4th Grade)
Pitch 2 Sat, 07. Sep. 2013
13:00 Glebe v Moorebank Liverpool


Join the Convoy

Some of u might have heard last week 3rd grade met up at moorebank and convoyed out to the ryde game with about 6cars.
All the cars involved had POOLA written on their back windows.
3rd grade are planning to do the same thing again this week and since we will all be there to support 4th grade i figured why not get a massive convoy of as many 3rd and 4th grade cars and take over the roads!

Game times and locations havent been confirmed but obviously 4th grade play before 3rds and they will need to be there an hour before their game so we will be leaving moorebank to make sure everyone there on time.
once they draw comes out ill confirm a time.

P.S if you have any mates or family coming out to the game get them to be part of the convoy aswell !!